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Valerie Valentine is a social activist working through the arts. She strives to support transformation within communities and nations. An artist, teacher, art therapist, and peacemaker, Valerie has created and taught many community art programs and served various institutions in leadership roles. She believes that self-exploration and self-expression through the creative process of artmaking creates a greater sense of balance and wellness for all individuals.Also that visual expression creates a common language that transcends words and differences, and offers a pathway toward tolerance, respect,and peace for any groups.


Val also has experience and success working as a commercial and fine artist. In 1999 she won the first prize  at the International Art Contest held in Anguilla, British West Indies. The painting is now housed in the National Collection of Anguilla and was used to create a collector‛s set of postage stamps. Valerie‛s love of art is evident through her paintings of exuberant color and texture. Her regard for the power of art-making is evident through her passionate healing work with others. “The language of color and line and shape, of art, can speak to our souls in ways that words sometimes fall short and misunderstood.” Valerie Valentine.






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