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Anael’s life journey has given her great gifts and wisdom which she feels privileged to share with others.


She  grew up in South Africa and moved to Israel where she studied to be a kindergarten teacher. She was married and birthed four children, Her youngest, Amy, lived for only three hours This tragedy was her saving grace and was the doorway that guided her to her healing and spiritual path.


She co founded a peace organization, Creativity for Peace, which brings together Israeli and Palestinian teenage girls. She co facilitated the compassionate dialogue and was the director of the Middle East Program. She was part of the organization for ten years and when she left she knew that she wanted to touch many more children worldwide.


When she learned of the Law of Attraction – implemented positive thinking in her life and taught this to the young women, she had a vision:


Children worldwide going to sleep and imagining peace.


This has evolved into Dreaming Peace – soulful books and interactive products.

She has also written a book –From Pieces to Peace, – a poetic narrative of healing childhood incest, which can be found on Amazon and she is in the process of writing another book – The Peace Puzzle.


Anael is a Reiki Master, spiritual coach and mentor and has many healing tools that she uses in her healing practice, at home and abroad. She also facilitates therapeutic writing workshops and woman’s circles.


Anael has journeyed from tragic to magic, from victim to victor and from pieces to peace.

I am Anael.

My name is my prayer.

My poetry is my medicine.

May peace prevail on earth.

This is my song to you.

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