I invite you into my Home and my Heart for your Soul Retreat 








beautiful sacred space overlooking the Sea of Galilee for three and a half days of transformational healing, healthy vegetarian food, sacred ceremony, therapeutic writing, and time in nature - to remind you of your own true nature.


Take time OUT to go IN

Take time out of the rut of life to connect to the flow of life, close to nature and your own nature.

 These days may include:

  • healing sessions

  • guided meditations

  • sacred ceremonies in nature

  • journal writing to support the process

  • practical tools to take home with you

  • healthy vegetarian food

  • down time to relax and integrate

  • closing ceremony and talk of how to best continue your healing process

  Your retreat will be tailored to your personal needs. 


Let go of what is holding you back from being fully present, in joy and free to  co create your life from a place of  inner power and strength.



the joy of letting go...

My life changed when  I moved out of the center of the country and into the nature of the Galilee - we don't all have that opportunity - we can create opportunities for small retreats in order to remember and reconnect with our true nature.         

The space is also available for your own personal retreat without my personal guidance. 4 people can sleep comfortably in the house. 



morning tea in my garden


a place to plant new seeds


how you feel after the retreat







Jordan River


Wadi Rosh Pina


Cave above St. Peters Church



"Ready to receive with an open heart

An experience to behold that set me apart

From anything familiar or known from within

As the warmth embraced my soul to begin

A journey of unexplained release and free flowing tears

Of hidden emotion guarded for years

Waves and swirls of colour in my mind

Moving slowly and gracefully – each one assigned

To a thought, an emotion, a feeling or pain

Neither understanding, nor able to explain

The depth and the source of this poignant chain

With links that connect to our innermost plane

Of needing to give and improve the wellbeing

Of souls that are crying and those that need freeing

Come to me, allow me and let the priviledge be mine

To give of myself and to help realign

With peace and compassion and trust from above

And draw from the gift of unconditional love"

Jan Silber – Toronto Canada