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In 2003 I and two friends, co-founded a peace organization that brings together Israeli and Palestinian teenage girls. In 2006, the movie, The Secret,  swept the world, changing millions of lives, including mine. I learned about The Law of Attraction and   that  thoughts create  reality.  I shared this movie with the campers that year and it had a deep impact on them too. One day I was chatting with one of my colleagues and a thought came to me..."Imagine if children worldwide could go to sleep imagining peace...perhaps the next generation will manifest this dream of ours. Wow, a peace pillow is a great idea..."


The thought lay dormant in my heart for many years and when I decided to let go of my role in the organization, knowing I want to reach out to many more children, worldwide, the thought sprouted and began to grow.


 In 2011, I  went to Denver to meet with Val, my friend and colleague who had also left Creativity for Peace, (she had been the art director) as we walked by the river, I shared what my vision was around the peace pillow...Val's  immediate reaction was "How about a book to go with it...." and the rest is history...we moved to Crestone Colorado for a few months...there I wrote the first book, Billy Bully's Wake Up Dream. It took a few months of percolating till Val started bringing my vision to life through her beautiful heartfelt art work...You will find some of the same art  work in both books...It just felt right and there were practical challenges that we had

to overcome...


When I saw the first drawing of the Butterfly, Blue Spot Orange Dot...I feel on my knees in gratitude and wonder, copious tears wetting my heaving chest...I had not seen what she saw...The name just came to me...Blue Spot Orange Dot...Val's sitting with the book all those months from September to January, allowed the magic to reveal itself...Blue Spot - the Earth, Orange Dot - the Sun...Our Sacred Earth Mother, nourished by the Sun...and us, shining our light!


In 1986, my Beloved baby, Amy lived for only 3 hours...I believe it is she who whispers in my ear, giving me inSpiration, and bringing these gifts to the children of

the world.


While travelling in Amorgos, Greece , this summer, I sat down in a restaurant, lifted my eyes and was in awe of what I saw on the little wall opposite me. My three beautiful children all have copper colored hair - as does this baby more need be said!

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