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Creative Ideas for Quality Time Together.

  1. Read books to me.

  2. Share with me how you are feeling so I can learn the language of emotion.

  3. Accept my emotions and help me recognize how emotions change and shift.


Activities we could do with our Pillow

  • Draw our emotions and accept them.

  • Draw desired emotions to create change.

  • Draw to vision in what you want.

  • Talk about a difficult situation – draw the very best thing that could happen. Go to sleep thinking and imagining that best possibility.

  • Imagine what you might want to be when you grow up – draw it…

  • Draw yourself doing what you love to do.

  • Next washing – draw something else you might like to be when you grow older.

  • Draw or write what you want or need from your parent or caregiver.

  • Show it to them – you might also want to voice what it is…have your parents or caregiver answer you either through adding to your drawing or creating one of their own - what they wish to give to you or do for you in answer to what you drew.

  • Draw a monster – place yourself in the drawing offering to be a friend to your fear.

  • Let the monster make friends and draw a gift he/she has for you.

  • Draw you and your family as super hero’s.

  • Draw yourself as the weather.

  • Draw your family and surround them with love.

  • Draw your dreams.

  • Draw your fears then wash the pillow and when it dries, draw your wishes.

  • Draw or write how you can be kind to others.

  • Draw what a kind world looks like.

  • Draw what you can do to make this a kinder, more peaceful world.

  • Draw what peace feels like and looks like – go to sleep imagining a peaceful world.

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