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A Love Note to Parents...

Feel like I won the lottery - the pot of gold! My children have blessed me with three new grandchildren in the last five months, to add the the two I have...Ray and Avigail (Dolphina) who I've 'adopted'!

The latest addition, Lee, was born to my daughter two weeks ago. What a joy it is to be for my daughter what my mom could not be for me...and what an enormous joy to be a Gran/Safta...and I must admit that there is a difference between being the mom-in-law and being the mom...

My mom would come visit after I had my babies, sit with her arms folded, her handbag hanging on her arm and wait for me to serve her tea...The gift in all of that is knowing what I would have liked to happen and now being able to give that to my daughter and my daughters in law where possible...

I also feel that this time is giving me an opportunity to make up for times when my children needed me and I could not be present for them...either because I was in depression or I was 'saving the world' trying to bring peace to Israel and Palestine... away for months on end. The peace I was actually seeking was within myself...and at long last feel I have achieved that and can now be fully present for my children and grandchildren...

I feel that experiencing what we don't like helps us make new choices in order to create what we do like. My Dream Pillow is all I wish I would have know as a child and together with that I'm so grateful that I experienced what I did, because this has given me a gift I can offer children and their parents.

Here are two pages from the book -

A Love Note to Parents and Educators - What I Need:

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