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Dreaming Peace

Ok - so here is my first blog!! Been threatening to do this for ages and it's enough holding back. I have plenty to share and it probably might not be much about children and education that you might expect from this website...what I will be sharing is myself. How I got to write these children's books, create My Dream Pillow and why I'm so passionate about changing children's awareness and having peace in my life and the world...My day to day understandings...will probably add some poetry and who knows what else...I'll just be me, authentic, open and honest...will share how I have become happy and creative by turning tragic to magic and pieces to peace

So here's a story to end 2016 and to usher in 2017 - a reminder for me to live what I am bringing to the kids through my creativity - "Think good thoughts that create good things."

Ooops I lost mind that is...and my I thought. Hmmm old patterns are not easily erased..that's why it is so important to give these tools of positive thinking to kids at an early their pattern can be positivity from the start...

A few days ago I go to the beach for a walk before I drive up north to my home/ B&B. I communicate with Spirit, the Universe, speaking out aloud that I'm ready to let go of this place of financial lack and survival mode in my life and am open to share my gifts and receive abundance....

I enjoy the sunset - my arms spread open wide, my eyes enjoying the beauty, my heart open to my outpour of positive intentions...don't care who is seeing me talking to gets dark and I go to the car, to continue the journey to the house/B&B in Tzfat to get it ready for folks coming in on Friday, also to connect to different cable TV and internet so I can save some $$ even though I swore in the past I would not give them a shekel because of their terrible service.

I stop at a gas station to pee..then on to meet a friend for a bite before I carry on my journey north. I'm about to get out of the car -reach over to take my purse and its not there...panic!!! It's dark - I use my phone as a flashlight...look all over, check the boot - can't find it heart is racing...Oh My God...I have cash that is for my food and gas for the next few weeks, credit cards, check book etc...panic panic!!!!

Can't think straight. Call my friend who tells me she just lost her gold ring...can't really feel empathy in that moment...she tries to calm me and I tell her I'm going back to the gas station. I drive like a maniac in the hope that I will still find it...of course I don't. Return to my friend...her husband offers to look in the car - I don't mention that he should check the boot too, even though it passes through my mind - I had opened the boot to take out something at the gas station.

My heart is racing, as are my thoughts...I just spoke to Spirit on the beach etc can this be happening??? I sleep over because I don't want to be on my own...take same Rescue Remedy - cancel credit cards...convince myself that someone else needs the money more than I do and eventually fall asleep.

I have a dream: I am in the backyard of my friends house. Her husband hands me back the keys and moves away from me in a strange trying not to look in my direction, avoiding eye contact. I think to myself 'He's acting strange"...I look at the keys and see that only the black part of the key is there, not the actual key. I ask him where it is and he sheepishly tells me it's stuck in the car. I go to the car and with no effort I pull it out and then ask him to glue it back. He says "No- you have to do that yourself".

I wake up - it's light outside. I go to the car, don't bother to dress warmly even though it's so cold out, open the boot and the first thing I see is the purse!!!

Hmmm.... what can I say...great opportunity to look at my beliefs around lack and loss...but the story doesn't finish there....the Universe/Spirit is so sweet and accommodating...

I drive to the house, rather pissed of with myself for having cancelled the credit cards ....and having gotten my knickers in a knot as the English say...

While waiting for the TV company to come connect the internet and cable TV - I start cleaning out draws and I find this bookmark about MONEY with KEYS in all four corners that I received at a dance in Germany many years ago. I also find the flip chart sheets that Val and I created in 2011 around Dreaming Peace, which we then called Mother Hug. I get back to Netanya, where I'm living now...there's an email from Val...who doesn't communicate very often, telling me about a way to create abundance...

And then a phone call with a woman who bought My Dream Pillow from my FB page who then tells me she works in the education department in Haifa - loves the books/pillow case etc...and wants to collaborate...

I commit to let the past stay in the past, live what I am bringing to the children through the books I have written and enjoy the next phase of my life as I move into 2017.

"Think good thoughts that create good things".

Please God, help me remember this when I 'loose' it - loose my mind, that is....and forget to think good thoughts!!!!

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