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Blue Spot Orange Dot has Landed at a School for Handicapped Children.


It's three in the morning. I'm so moved, so touched that I can't sleep. A friend of mine, Ziva, from the Life Alignment community has a son with Cerebral Palsy. Today, at the child’s school, they celebrated family day.  She asked a group of us practitioners, if we would volunteer to do group balances for the parents. This healing modality, so changed Ziva’s life, supports her in dealing with her son's handicap, that she wanted to share this with the other parents in the school.


When planning the event, I offered to start the day with the help of My Dream Pillow. To do an activity with the kids and their parents around positive thinking using the pillow template and having the kids and their parents create a mini vision board. Ziva shared the idea with the headmistress who asked to see the book and pillow case.


A few days later, I was walking on the beach, communicating out loud with Spirit, asking for proof that I am truly supported by the Universe in this mission of mine. Within minutes, the phone rings! Through the wind and the waves I hear Ziva's voice. She says has good news and bad news. My heart misses a beat. She says that the bad news is that the headmistress does not want us to start the day with My Dream Pillow and the good news is that she is so touched by it that she feels that an hour and a half is not honoring of the message in the book. She wants to order 20 books now for each of her staff, so they can work on themselves and next year to get a book and pillowcase for each of the 100 children in the school and have this as the basis for them to work with during the year! Wow! For me this was not only all good news, it was excellent news, and a confirmation from the Universe!


This morning we did the healing sessions in groups of twelve. I delivered the twenty books. I'm moved beyond words to know that My Dream Pillow's first bulk order is going to support the staff and soon these special children and guide their journey of life.

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