For the last 30 years I have supported women emotionally and spiritually.

  I am traditional

Reiki Master

Module 7 - Life Alignment,

and many other healing modalities I've leaned over the years, workshop and woman's circle facilitator.

Facilitate SOUL RETREATS in my home in the northern Galilee.


I offer healing sessions in person or via WhatsApp or Zoom worldwide, Have a clinic in Kibbutz Regavim and Pardes Hana


I facilitate  Shamanic Rite of Passage ceremonies in person and offer woman's healing circles and writing workshops also available through Zoom

Share my personal story - 

From Tragic to Magic,

From Wounds to Wisdom

From Pieces to Peace

Am a poet and author of 3 books


מזה שלושים שנה שהיא מלווה נשים, רוחנית ורגשית.
מאסטרית ברייקי מסורתי, מטפלת איזון חיים, קוד הרגש, E.F.T, כלים שאמנים ועוד…משוררת שהוציאה 3 ספרים.
מייסדת שותפה של אירגון שלום, Creativity for Peace.
מעבירה תהליכי ריפוי וסדנאות.


I warmly recommend  Anael Harpaz to support your liberation from emotional and abundance blockages especially caused by intergenerational and childhood trauma. She possesses a true gift in tuning in to your system and support the healing and release of the emotional luggage you have been carrying around, without even knowing in what ways it prevents you from happiness and abundance. If you have a nagging feeling of that something is wrong, but you can't put your finger on it, contact Anael. Her precise information helps you see the bigger picture you are part of and you can make choices to forgive and be free. 

Harriet Fagerholm. Co-creative guide and healer - Norway


“I do not have words to express my gratitude. Something really beautiful has happened to me. Since Sunday all I can think about is how lucky I am. I do not stop looking around ... Thinking... "I am so loved"
Thank you for giving me hope when I most needed it. I repeat everyday my card messages as a mantra and I know everything will fall into place.”

Cristina. Graham, NC. USA

“Anael's workshop helped to open unconscious places within myself that were ready to be shared.

She beautifully facilitated space for us as we shared our stories: laughing, crying and releasing.

I would recommend her workshop to others who are healing and want to explore writing as a helpful tool in their process.”


Judith. Graham, NC. USA

hs & more.

Dalai Lama and Me_edited.jpg

In March of 1994 after meeting personally with the Dalai Lama - I wrote him a poem. A few years later I had the honor of reading it at the closing ceremony of an interfaith conference and gifting it to him

Can create an empowerment video for you too!!!

I have transformed my life



Allow me to support you to do the same for yourself